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What is EMARA Tax? A Comprehensive Guide

The United Arab Emirates nowadays has been striking a headline by launching corporate tax in the UAE wide. With the ongoing conversation, the country’s government has also worked on the critical components that support economic growth and development. And this is where the Emara Tax platform has been introduced to make tax compliance more efficient, effective, and convenient for taxpayers.

EmaraTax is a newly implemented taxation system designed to streamline revenue collection and financial transparency. Operating within a digital framework, EMARA Tax employs modern technology to automate tax assessment, payment, and reporting processes. By digitising tax operations and integrating secure online platforms, EmaraTax aims to enhance efficiency, reduce tax evasion, and foster a more accountable and equitable taxation ecosystem, ultimately contributing to improved government revenue and public services. The following guide is helpful to understand more about EmaraTax and its compliance.
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What does Emara Tax Stands For?

EMARA TAX is one such popular platform, useful to implement and manage all tax-related activities. Right from registration to filing, payments to refunds, all things can be done seamlessly by accessing this user-friendly platform. The basic motive of Emara Tax is to ease down the tax filing process by offering a wide spectrum of online resources and tools to help taxpayers by every means. With the easy-to-access device system, taxpayers can now manage and access their tax records and accounts on the go.

A note to mention, the stating platform is integrated with many government entities, including the UAE PASS (National technology-based program), and the UAE Central Bank to streamline tax payers experience and make the tax obligations effective for them. For example, now the taxpayers of UAE can access EmaraTax via their UAE PASS credentials, to eliminate separate login credentials needed.

Benefits of Emara Tax for Individuals and Businesses

One of the primary benefits of having EMARATAX by your side is to gain the ability to seek a taxpayer’s obligations comprehensive overview. This would allow stakeholders to ensure smooth interaction, and optimise their administrative services, while helping them to connect with a variety of taxpayer services, hence, resulting in them better taxpayer experience with more effective processes. Talking about the next benefit, EmaraTax provides a VAT return Excel version, making the online returns submission process easier for taxpayers.

Additionally, EmaraTax allows taxpayers to track their account history, status, and activities of all their filed FTA applications in the past, plus enables them to examine all their correspondence with FTA under one roof. The platform grants and automates deregistration as well upon filing the last VAT return approved by FTA de-registration commencement, eligible to understand that there are no outstanding taxpayer dues. Every individual who has deregistered due to taxable supplies falling below is now mandatory to reactivate their Tax Registration Number with the help of the action menu.
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Comprehensive Steps to Register for Corporate Tax in UAE using EMARATAX

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA), UAE has notified companies and entities to start up with the UAE corporate tax registration process via the EmaraTax portal. If your business now falls under the scope of filing/registering for the UAE corporate tax under FTA’s guidance, then early registration is required. However, if you are in need of a professional’s corporate tax consultancy firm, then you can rely on and contact ACE Tax Consultants for an effective process.

Meanwhile, to ease down the tax registration process, FTA has introduced the EmaraTax portal containing all the guidelines and instructions for completing UAE Corporate Tax Registration. Run down the following steps:

  • To begin with, log into the official EMARA TAX portal by navigating to https://eservices.tax.gov.ae/ to access the online services of FTA.
  • With this, the overall list of taxable persons will appear on the homepage.
  • In case, the name of the taxable person is not listed, make sure to create one by tapping the option – Create Taxable Person.
  • Now, choose a selectable person and click on the View option.
  • Next up, tap on the Register button for the Corporate Tax file.
  • You are advised to read all the guidelines and major instructions to proceed further.
  • In the next step, mark the checkbox and tap on the Start button to initiate the registration process.
  • Fill in all the required details in the given space and then complete your identification verification process by providing details related to ownership, licences, business activities, etc.
  • Enter up your contact details as well – including mobile number, address of your business premises, and more.

Now, add your Authorised signatory details and cross-check all the filled details before hitting the Submit Application button.


The EMARA Tax is one of the most important platforms built toward a modern, effective, and efficient tax system brought by the UAE government. With ample features and functionalities, the platform facilitates a wide range of digital services best made to ease tax compliance and obligation for taxpayers of the country. As the United Arab Emirates continues to grow and develop its tax system after the introduction of corporate tax, platforms like EMARA TAX would help people and businesses by supporting compliance while improving overall efficiency.